ALTEK’s New Website

Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome to ALTEK’s new web presence. We are excited about the launch of our redesigned website and the features it offers. Our news post on the launch highlights some of these features. I’d like to share with you what our design goals were and hopefully you can provide us feedback on Facebook about how successful, or not, we were.

We started out with some ambitious goals. One of those goals was our website had to reflect ALTEK. Our old website did not. The old website contained information on ALTEK, but it looked like hundreds of other websites for staffing and consulting companies. ALTEK is different. In industries where more and more, the resources, the talent, the people, are treated like widgets, we still believe it’s about people. Each person brings strengths and weaknesses to the table. It’s not enough to treat people with honesty and integrity. It’s critical to recognize that the relationship is a partnership. For us, it’s about the people.

One of the ways we tried to implement this was to create the Meet the Recruiters section. We want job seekers to know a little about the people they’re going to work with. Each of the job postings on our website is linked to a recruiter. From the job posting, you can go directly to the recruiter’s bio and contact information. When you apply for a job, your information is sent directly to that recruiter. What we’re trying to do is bring a little of the personal touch to an otherwise impersonal process. I hope we were successful.

Another unique aspect that reflects our realistic approach to the revamp of our website, is that all of the photos of people are actual staff members that work at ALTEK. A growing trend on the web is using stock photos to represent what a company wants potential clients to see and feel about their company. We decided that we could best represent ALTEK by using actual pictures of our staff and unique building features of our headquarters office rather than some nameless people in stock photos. I hope the authenticity of who we are will make up for our lack of modeling experience:)

Over the weeks and months to come, we’ll introduce you to our staff, our processes and why ALTEK is different.

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