Staff Augmentation

Over the past 14 years, ALTEK has built a solid reputation in this constantly changing world of contingent labor. Our recruiting model is flexible, fast paced and designed to align with today’s medium to large procurement efforts. The key to our success is in our Recruiting Center of Excellence. We have highly trained technical recruiters with specific domain knowledge able to respond quickly to your organizational needs. Accounts are managed by experts in staffing who will learn and understand the process and procedures specific to your organization.

Our SLA includes a commitment to maintain high submittal to interview ratios and interview to placement success. Our staff augmentation services will reduce risks for your company and provide the exact skills and qualifications you need for your organizations project. Our ability to move quickly, adapt to difficult market conditions and work on tight margins while insisting on excellence is our strength.

ALTEK has built its reputation on quality, consistency and dependable results for its information technology clients. Our management structure is designed to keep margins tight, passing on cost savings to our clients, while keeping the end product deliverable on specification and under budget. Our flat management structure keeps the organization streamlined and flexible in order to adapt to changing client dynamics and react proactively to changing market conditions.

For more information about how ALTEK can help meet your staff augmentation needs please call us at 301.695.4440.